Standard colour balloons (30cm) Helium-filled


$3.00 ea - includes helium fill.

All balloons are premium quality latex balloons that consistently perform better whether filled with air or helium. They have a more uniform shape and size, are less likely to break, and the neck is longer to allow easier tying off.

All balloons are helium grade quality and 100% biodegradable. When balloons are filled with helium they will last for 6 – 10 hours so it is advised that they are inflated on the day they are required and stored out of direct sunlight until you need them.

A range of colour options are available:


These are the most common colours used and are non transparent.


These are bright modern funky colours and are non transparent.


These have a metallic fleck which gives them a shimmery shine finish and are non transparent.


These are bright and transparent; they have a very high gloss look.


These are soft pastel colours which give a beautiful pearled look and are non transparent.

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